We all know that early detection of cancer is essential in order to have an upper hand in the battle against cancer. Having a wife who is a cancer survivor, I can attest to the fact that many factors play a role in the success, both mentally and physically, in the cure.

Last week my wife Catherine and I had the opportunity to take a guided tour through the new facility here in Cheyenne. It was good to know that we have a knowledgeable and dedicated team of doctors, assistants, techs and administrators that care about the survival rate of the folks here in the region.

The facility is state of the art, and you could tell a lot of planning went into this. According to one guide, it took about two and a half years of planning everything from how the facility would sit, to the restroom locations, wig store to the last trash can. The view from the walk way that connects the Cancer Center to the Main Hospital is amazing.

The staff and machinery are top notch, as well as the design--with beautiful designed sliding glass doors and walls and an informative library that is available to help educate people who may have this dreaded disease.

Another thing I noticed was how well the building was designed to protect patient's health information.

I am thankful that we have a cancer center here. The only thing that they don't offer is bone morrow transplanting, as there is just not enough traffic to constitute the service.

Thank you to all of the donors, staff and doctors that help to make this great facility a real medical necessity and asset in our community.