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Tax-Hiking Socialists Gain Ground in Lithuania
By Sven Larson....(Sven is an economist with the Wyoming Liberty Group Think Tankand a regular co-host on KGAB's "Wyoming Perspectives" during Fridats' Morning Zone Program.)~~~
Keynes was right: you cannot fight a budget deficit with austerity...
Commentary: U-Turn on the Roadless Road to Ruin
October 9, 2012

A Commentary by Steve Klein
Wyoming Liberty Group
Imagine an energy company running a pipeline across your land when empty federal land sat right next door. Since energy companies may exercise the power of eminent domain in Wyoming, this has happened many times over the years and contin…
Commentary: Euro Breakup Coming Closer
Sven Larson is an economist with The Wyoming Liberty Group, a think-tank located here in Cheyenne founded in 2008 with the purpose of inviting citizens to prepare for informed, active and confident involvement in local and state government. The...
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Commentary:Finding America’s Character
~By Sven Lars0n~
(If you missed The Morning Zone Thursday morning then you missed Sven Lars0n's guest appearance with us talking about the economics of Obamacare.)

It has been said that when a man is staring into the abyss, and there is nothing staring back, he either falls in or fin…
Today’s AM Zone: Kouri, Day of Giving, Liberty Group and LCCC
7:07AM MDT: Law enforcement commentator and columnist, and long-time friend of the show, Jim Kouri joins host Dave Chaffin to discuss his latest column... Criminal Aliens: Obama weakens Secure Communities program, says GOP...The U.S. Department of Homeland Security's  Immigration and Customs Enforce…
Tuesday on The Morning Zone: Kouri, Wy. Liberty, and LCCC
7:07 AM MDT;  Former police chief  author and columnist, Jim Kouri will guest to discuss his latesy column on a new report out that shows that DHS oblivious to unauthorized foreigners In U.S
8:007 AM MDT: Wyoming Liberty Group, constitutional attorney Steve Klein will be on with Dave ,  to talk about…
Frosty, and Sheriff Glick, On The Morning Zone
Monday will be yet another dynamite program on The Morning Zone:
7:07AM MST: Author/Columnist and World Traveler Frosty Wooldridge guests with more on the long term consequences of unchecked immigration and population.
8:07AM MST: Laramie County Sheriff Danny Glick will be on with Dave talking about i…
Today’s Morning Zone A Must Hear Show!
Today at 7:07AM MST, Frosty Wooldridge returns to guest on The Morning Zone. A long time friend of the program, Frosty brings to bare all of his experience as a world traveler and author to discuss the latest on the long term effects of unchecked immigration and over-population...