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Tuesday In The Morning Zone
Today's Morning Zone features Wyoming Liberty Group and LCCC
7:07AM MDT: Early Bird Open Lines...Weigh in onyour topic of the day before you have the head off to work. Call into the programand talk live with host Dave Chaffin at 1-888-503-6500
8:07AM MDT: Representatives from the Cheyenne Think Tank,…
A Note on Welfare Reform
~~~By Sven Larson~~
(Sven is an economist with the Cheyenne think tank, Wyoming Liberty Group and appears frequently on The Morning Zone's Wyoming Perspectives series on Fridays)
The more the federal deficit grows, the closer we get to an untenable situation where panic will drive policy and stab…
Friday Morning Zone: Kids At Risk
Today on the Morning Zone:
6:45 AM MST: Day Weather will give us a live complete detailed look at the expected incoming storm for the weekend and talk more about the Blizzard Warning in effect for Southeast Wyoming and the Cheyenne, Burns, Albin, Carpenter, Pinebluffs area
7:07AM MST: John Frentheway,…
Wyoming Revenues: A Lesson in Transparency
~~ by Amy Edmonds~~~~
In 1974 the Wyoming Legislature created the Permanent Wyoming Mineral Trust Fund (PWMTF) by passing a constitutional amendment that was ratified by the people of Wyoming on November 5, 1974. This amendment made the PWMTF a constitutionally protected, inviolable fund fueled by a …
C’mon, it’s just disclosure! (Again.)
February 15, 2013 by Steve Klein
About Steve Klein
He serves as Staff Attorney and Research Counsel for the Wyoming Liberty Group and isa frequent guest on KGAB's Morning Zone Program
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Lawyers make mistakes...
Friday On The Morning Zone:
Today's Morning Zone Schedule:
7:07AM MST: It's Kids-At-Risk day on The Morning Zone and host Dave Chaffin is joined by licensed professional counselor, Renee Hanson and Child Advocate, John Frentheway to discuss this week's news that teen substance abuse is declining in Wyoming, and, why parents sho…
It’s Friday Again on the Morning Zone!
Today, we will get back to our two special series, in The Morning Zone:
7:07AM MST: Kids-At-Risk...Today we will focus our discussion on two recent articles that caught our attention. First, There's no good evidence to say what types of treatment might help ward off anxiety and stress disorders …
A Deaf Ear to The People
~~by Susan Gore-Wyoming Liberty Group~~
(Susan will be our guest in The Morning Zone, Friday, February 8, 2013 at 8:07AM MST)
~~February 5, 2013 ~~
This session the Wyoming Legislature passed, and Governor Matt Mead signed, SF104. This bill divests elected Superintendent of Public Instruction Cindy Hil…
Monday’s Morning Zone: Frosty,
Today's Morning Zone will explore a myriad of topics in the news and of importance:
7:07AM MST: Author, Columnist, World Traveler Frosty Wooldridge is back. He will continue his latest series on the long term problems with over-immigration and over-population and will share details from his late…

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