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Game & Fish Reminds Hunters to be Mindful of Rabbit Fever
The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is reminding hunters to be aware of tularemia this fall.
The disease has been unusually active in Wyoming this year, with 16 human cases, including one death, being documented so far.
"The main thing that we certainly do recommend for hunters is to wear gl…
WGFD Biologists Predict Good Hunting Season
Wyoming Game and Fish Department biologists are predicting a good hunting season.
Thanks to a mild winter and wet spring, biologists have seen improved health and survival rates for young elk, deer and pronghorn.
Game and Fish Director Scott Talbott says hunting of elk should be particularly good this…
WGFD Bans Open Fires in Laramie Region
Prolonged dry conditions have prompted the Wyoming Game and Fish Department to ban open fires within the Laramie Region.
"Areas are drying out and have created excellent fuel conditions and the potential for human-caused fires has become very high," said Jerry Cowles, Habitat and Ac…
Information Sought on Pronghorn Poaching Near Cheyenne
The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is seeking information on a pronghorn poaching that occurred near Cheyenne.
Cheyenne Game Warden Dillon Herman says a nursing doe was shot twice with a rifle on state land adjacent to the Otto Road Shooting Range eight miles west of Cheyenne.
Wyoming Game & Fish Commission Named Top in the West
The Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, which consists of 23 states and Canadian provinces, recognized the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission as its commission of the year at its meeting in Reno Monday night.
“We are honoring Wyoming’s commission this year because of its success in addr…

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