Wyoming Education Association

Wyoming Students Top World Rankings in Math & Science
When it comes to math and science, Wyoming students are some of the best and brightest in the world.
Data released by the National Center for Educational Statistics ranked the Cowboy State first in the western states and eighth in the world for math. Wyo...
Transitioning from High School to College
For some students the step up from high school to college can be as difficult as precalculus.
That's why the Wyoming Education Association (WEA) is partnering with schools and colleges.
WEA President Kathy Vetter says it's important to make sure students have the tools they need to succeed a…
Wyoming Educators to Attend NEA Annual Meeting
Over 10,000 educators will gather in Orlando, Florida, June 26 through July 6, for the National Education Association's Annual Meeting.
Wyoming Education Association President Kathy Vetter says the meeting, which is the largest gathering of educational leaders in the U.S., ...
Teaching Students to Compete Globally
Education experts say it's important that Wyoming students are ready to compete on a global level.
Kathy Vetter, President of the Wyoming Education Association, says the Wyoming State Board of Education is looking at different ways to prepare the next generation so that they can take on the worl…