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Tuesday’s Morning Zone Has Jim Kouri,
7:07 AM MDT: Jim Kouri, Law enforcement columnist, is back with host Dave Chaffin. Within 48-hours of President Barack Obama's ending his first trip to Israel as America's leader, which ended Friday, Israeli government officials reported that gunshots aimed at an Israeli patrol early on Su…
Micah Halpern’s Thought on the Middle East
(Micah Halpern is our middle eastern analyst on The Morning Zone, often sharing important news with our listeners BEFORE if hits mainstream media,and you can hear his on-air blog weekdays at 6:35 and 9:35 AM)
~~~Obama Quotes Yoni Netanyahu~~~
~~~By Micah Halpern~~~
~~~Thursday March 21, 2013~~~
I've Bee…
Wednesday’s Morning Zone
Host Dave Chaffin is back today and invites you ti Join us today in The Morning Zone to hear the latest information mixed in with a little entertainment.
7:07AM MDT: Our middle eastern analyst,Micah Halpern joins us. Micah will update us on the top news from Syria, where Syria's main opposition group…
The Death of Professional Courtesy
~~ Tim Bryce~~
- What ever happened to “The Golden Rule”?I was recently invited to bid on a technical writing project. The initial meeting was treated like a job interview to determine my qualifications and everything seemed to go smoothly
A Note on Welfare Reform
~~~By Sven Larson~~
(Sven is an economist with the Cheyenne think tank, Wyoming Liberty Group and appears frequently on The Morning Zone's Wyoming Perspectives series on Fridays)
The more the federal deficit grows, the closer we get to an untenable situation where panic will drive policy and stab…
Dave’s Morning Blog
Well, it's official. The legendary Styx will join Journey will be the rock acts at CFD on July 19th. What a great way to start off this years 'Daddy of em' All in addition to the great country acts and the return of the CBR.
Don'tforget, Wayne Spencer and I will be back again this year, too, for our …
Wednesday’s Morning Zone
Join us today in The Morning Zone to get informed on all the latest news and information.
7:07AM MST: Mark Walters, Concealed Carry Gun Expert, Author of Lessons from Armed America and Nationally syndicated host of Armed American Radio...
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It’s Immigration Day on the Morning Zone
Today, we will be talking about the latest out of Washington on President Obama's proposed immigration reform...A defensive White House Sunday insisted it was only drafting a backup immigration reform plan in case a bipartisan congressional committee working on a bill fails, but Paul Ryan, Marco Rub…

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