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Earlier last week, respected cybersecurity journalist and policy advisor David Gewirtz wrote on the ZDNet website to defend, even celebrate, the National Security Administration's data-collection efforts.
Jim Kouri and Charles Crismier On The Morning Zone
Tuesday's featured guests on The Morning Zone:
7:07 A.M. MDT: Law enforcement columnist Jim Kouri is on with host Dave Chaffin. Jim reports in his latest column that Monday, a New York State lawmaker and Iraq veteran urged several cable and satellite television distributors to stop broadcasting progr…
Monday’s Morning Zone
Today, host Dave Chaffin's guest will be:
7:07AM MDT: World traveler, former educator, author and columnist, Frosty Wooldridge, will be back continuing his well-researched discussion on the long term effects of illegal immigration and over population...
Wyoming Welfare Pays $32,000 per Year
~~~Posted on August 23, 2013 by Sven Larson~~~
 (Sven Larson is an economist and columnist with the think tank, Wyoming Liberty Group and a frequent guest on KGAB's Morning Zone Program with Dave Chaffin. Here is Sven's latest column that he discussed on our program this morning in the…
Thursday On The Morning Zone
Today, Dave's guests will be:
7:07AM MDT:  Brenda Garrison asks Is Your Teen Headed Off to College ...She is an enthusiastic and authentic speaker and author, and ministers to women in all stages of life but especially to moms—encouraging them by keeping it real and based on God'…
~~~by Tim Bryce - 8/21/2013~~~


- Next time you hear "Common Core" in a conversation; pay attention!-
Coming from the Information Technology industry, I understand the challenges of developing and implementing standards...
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