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Friday On The Morning Zone:
Today's Morning Zone Schedule:
7:07AM MST: It's Kids-At-Risk day on The Morning Zone and host Dave Chaffin is joined by licensed professional counselor, Renee Hanson and Child Advocate, John Frentheway to discuss this week's news that teen substance abuse is declining in Wyoming, and, why parents sho…
“Do Not Give in to Common Core Standards”
~~By Donna Garner~~
The public is finally waking up to the dangers of Common Core Standards.  People all over this country are no longer sitting back and blindly allowing the Obama administration to take over their children’s public schools with his social justice agenda..…
Thurs. On The Morning Zone
Today is "Eggs and Issues Day with the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce and our host, Dave Chaffin will be live at the historic Plains Hotel co-emceeing the event with Executive Director, Dale Steenbergen. They will be talking with a select group of Wyom...
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Obama Begins Rationing Health Care
~~By Sven Larson~~
Obamacare was supposed to give everybody health insurance and shield us from health care rationing. Right?
Well… behold this article from the Washington Post a few days ago:
Tens of thousands of Americans who can’t get health insurance due to pre-existing medical proble…
Mid-Week Morning Zone
Today on The Morning Zone:
7:07AM MST: Economist, Jerry Robinson guests with host Dave Chaffin and will talk about how,  over the last several weeks, there have been many news headlines containing the words "Iran" and "nuclear capability...
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~~by Tim Bryce~~
- Some alternatives to kissing someone’s ring.
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It seems petty politics is an inherent part of our lives
Americans don’t want blanket amnesty of illegal aliens
~~By Frosty Wooldridge~~
(Frosty is a regular guest on The Morning Zone with host Dave Chaffin every Monday at 7:07AM MST)
While Congress and Obama push for mass amnesty, the American people do not want to be flooded with 12 to 20 million more unskilled, uneducated people ushered into the United State…
It’s Friday Again on the Morning Zone!
Today, we will get back to our two special series, in The Morning Zone:
7:07AM MST: Kids-At-Risk...Today we will focus our discussion on two recent articles that caught our attention. First, There's no good evidence to say what types of treatment might help ward off anxiety and stress disorders …
Gov.Mead On Weds. Morning Zone
Today is a definite DO NOT MISS program in the Morning Zone with host, Dave Chaffin.
7:07AM MST: Wyoming Governer Matt Mead will gust with Dave. Expect conversation on the Presiden't State of The Union,  SF104 commonly know as the "Hill Bill" as it stripped The State Super…
Brennan defends Obama drone assassination program
~~ John Brennan confirmation hearings~~
   ~~ February 12, 2013~~
   ~~ By: Jim Kouri~~
President Barack Obama's national security advisor and nominee to serve as Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) director defended the Obama administration's secretive drone assassination p…

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