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The Crumbling Swedish Welfare State
~~By Sven Larson~~
There is a mysterious obsession with Sweden among American libertarians. They superficially glance at some isolated piece of legislation and suggest America follow the Swedish example. Having grown up in Sweden, and having escaped its oppressive tax system, its depressing social co…
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7:07AM MST: Kids-At-Risk Series continues. Today Child advocate, Joyhn Frentheway and Licensed Professional Counselor, Renee Hanson join host Dave Chaffin to discuss the new information out this week that say…
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Today, we will explore everything from Child soldiers, to gun control to gardening. You name it, you may hear it on The Morning Zone with host Dave Chaffin.
7:07AM MST: Early Bird Open Lines ...If you have to run off to work but still want to call the program, here is your chance...
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~~By Tim Bryce~~
- It's not just what they said, but how they connected with you.
I have been a student of communications for most of my life, not just the media but how and why things are spoken. Not surprising, I am often asked who my favorite orators were...
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7:07AM MST: Watchdog on Wallstreet, Chris Markowski, is back and will give us his take on "SEQUEST…
Israeli Police, Security Forces Prepare for New Intifada & More
*** By: Jim Kouri***
Israel's National Police (INP) and Defense Force (IDF) this past weekend prepared for a new wave of Palestinian violence following several clashes with Palestinian activists in Jerusalem and throughout the Palestinian National Authority territory on Saturday and Sunday, acco…
C’mon, it’s just disclosure! (Again.)
February 15, 2013 by Steve Klein
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He serves as Staff Attorney and Research Counsel for the Wyoming Liberty Group and isa frequent guest on KGAB's Morning Zone Program
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Lawyers make mistakes...
Micah Halpern Is Always Thinking
(Micah Halpern is a long-time friend of The Morning Zone, and his radio blogs air weekday mornings at 6:35 and 9:35, plus, he makes frequent live appearences on the program with host,Dave Chaffin, to update you on what really is happening today in the middle east)
Christians Live in Fear
By Micah Halp…

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