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Ernie Goss on June Mountain States Economy
~~By Economist/Professor Ernie Goss~
Utah: The state’s overall index, or Business Conditions Index, a leading economic indicator, once again moved above growth neutral 50.0. Based on the monthly survey of the membership of ISM-Utah (www...
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Wednesday Morning Zone
Today is Financial Wednesday with the focus on those issues that effect your budget and your pocketbook:
7:07AM MDT: Watch Dog on Wall Street, Chris Markowski returns and will talk with host Dave Chaffin about the latest in financial developments most likely to effect you...
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Cindy Hill and LCCC on Tuesday’s Morning Zone
You are invited to step into The Morning Zone today with host Dave Chaffin for a fun and informative way to start your day. Dave's guests today include:
7:07AM MDT: Embattled State Superintendent, Cindy Hill will be with host Dave Chaffin this morning to talk about not only what she is continuing to …
Monday on The Morning Zone
7:07AM MDT:Dan Weber of Association of Mature American Citizens guests today on The topic of Social Security Reform and the IRS scandal.
7:37AM MDT: Bill Frady will be on with host Dave Chaffin with the latest on the on the Zimmerman Trial.
Friday’s Morning Zone
Listen for another great show today. Here's the line-up
7:07AM MDT Kids-At-Risk: Child Advocate John Frentheway joins host Dave Chaffin again today as they take a hard look at this week's news that The Obama administration is accepting a federal judge’s ruling to remove all …
Micah on the Middle East
~~Will Russia Pull Out Of Syria~~
~~By Micah Halpern~~
Thursday June 27, 2013
Vedomosti is the Russian business daily. AFP (Agence France Presse) ran a piece citing Vedomosti that took me by surprise. In fact, I find it hard to imagine that the report is correct.
It sa...
Banks Hurt By Troubled Welfare States
~~By Sven Larson~~
I am working on a third installment about the G20 governments’ solemn vow to not leave any business, any product or any market unregulated. While that one is progressing, it is time to yet again say:
Never bark at the big dog...
Tuesday’s Morning Zone
Today's full schedule of guests and open lines.
7:07AM MDT: Marsha Wright guests to discusss..." WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO LEVERAGE STRATEGIC ALLIANCES"? Marketing & Business expert Marsha Wright, will explain, "A strategic alliance is the joining for profit or other beneficial gain of…
~~ by Tim Bryce - 6/26/2013 ~~

- That's it; enough is enough; leave me alone!
Recently I came upon the following headline, "Drinking Too Much Coffee Is Now A Mental Disorder" and I was taken aback by the column. I don't ...
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