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Tea Party: Use The 10th Amendment To Fight Feds
Wyoming Tea Party organizer M. Lee Hasenauer says that organization is circulating a petition urging state lawmakers to invoke the 10th amendment to the U.S. Constitution to combat what they see as illegal federal environmental policies.
Tea Party Rally at Capitol Saturday
A large crowd gathered at the Wyoming State Capitol on Saturday afternoon to send a message of support to the Tea Party movement. Event organizer, Laramie County Commissioner M. Lee Hasenauer, estimated the initial crowd at 300 people.
The speakers urged the crowd to unite against what they saw as ty…
Commentary: Liberalism’s ‘New’ Strategy: The Same Old Lies!
by Christopher G. Adamo
Perhaps the most profound quality common to liberals is their ability to keep straight faces (or even look gravely serious) while spewing the most hysterical and laughable lies. In this manner we have heard them in recent years frantically pontificating about how “global warmi…