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Hannity has Giuliani and Luntz Today on KGAB
Don't miss Hannity today from 4 til 7PM on AM 650 KGAB! His guests will be:
5:05pm MDT Former NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani weighs in on the Presidential races and the ongoing Occupy Wall Street Demonstrations.  What would Rudy do if he were mayor during these protests...
Hannity Has The Architect on KGAB
Today, Hannity has only one guest, but that's all he needs.
5:05pm MDT - Here to provide expert analysis on "politics of the day" from the Obama Administrations Economic policies, to the killing of US born terror leader Anwar al-Awlaki and the GOP Field is none other than the a…
Friday on Sean Hannity 4PM-7PM on KGAB


GOP Debate Round 2 TODAY on The Sean Hannity Show! Joining Sean will be 

5:05MDT- Texas Governor Rick Perry will discuss last nights debate, what he could have done better, and why he is the man for the job

5:00MDT-Former PA Senator and Presidential hopeful Rick Santorum will discuss his campaign a…
Today on The Sean Hannity Radio Program
Sean's guests today:
Everyone's favorite outspoken Conservative, Coulter is here to analyze tonight's debate and discuss her support for Mitt Romney...
Don’t Miss Sean Hannity Today
Sean's guests will be:
5:00pm MDT-  Focus Group guru Frank Luntz, and Pollsters John Zogby and Scott Rasmussen will breakdown the Presidents approval ratings and the numbers heading into 2012.   
5:30pm MDT-  Michelle Malkin will give listeners the latest in the "Fast and Furious" gun runni…
Today on Sean Hannity!
President Obama will spend the next 48 hours dealing with the new Libyan government and the expected Palestinian demand for recognition as a state by the United Nations.  Today's Sean Hannity Program will focus on the annual meeting of the UN General Assembly...