Thursday’s Morning Zone
It's another great day on the Morning Zone as host, Dave Chaffin, talks with these great guests:
7:07 Ron Kess;er, Chief Washington correspondent for Newsmax.com and New York Times bestselling author,will discuss American Crossroads: Obama Exposed as Pretender...
Obama Redacts School Security Suggestions[Audio]
by Jim Kouri
“The alleged purpose of the intelligence briefing was to glean information to help protect school children from a potential terrorist attack. What sense does it make for the Obama administration to keep secret the bulletin’s important recommendations for schools and emergency…
Wall Street, Oil, and Injustice Today on Hannity

5:00pm MDT Fox Legal Analyst Tamar Holder and Fox News host Charles Payne will debate the legitimacy of the "Occupy Wall Street" demonstrations that continue today in New York City.
5:30pm MDT Harold Hamm, founder of the 14th largest US oil company, will discuss the conversation he had wit…