Newt Gingrich

Hannity Has Levin, Newt and Cain
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5:05pm MST Author and talk show host Mark Levin will join Sean for an hour to discuss his latest book, "Ameritopia".
6:05pm MST Former House Speaker and 2012 GOP Presidential candidate Newt Gi…
Hannity has Gingrich, Morris, Santorum and Luntz
Tune in The Sean Hannity Radio Program 4-7PM MST on AM650 KGAB and Today, Sean's guests are:
5:05 pm MST Speaker Newt Gingrich lays out his strategy for New Hampshire, South Carolina and winning the nomination.

5:35 pm MST Dick Morris will analyze last nights results and predict fu…
Hannity Had Exclusives with Trump and Newt Monday
Newt Gingrich and Donald Trump were spotted in NYC meeting today about the 2012 Presidential Race, and both will be joining Sean on the program today:

5:05pm EST DONALD TRUMP - Exclusive hour long interview with "the Donald" about his new book that hit stores today, "TIME T…
Today is a Dynamite Day on Hannity!
5:05pm MST Newt Gingrich will be featured in our Meet the Candidate Segment.  Newt has come under fire for recent comments toward OWS protestors telling them to, "get a job, right after they take a bath".