Mountain States Economic Report

Ernie Goss: Mountain States Economic Update
~~~By Economis Ernie Goss~~~
Exports Support Healthy Mountain States’ Index:
Skilled Labor Shortages for Parts of the Region
March survey results at a glance:
· Rising exports pushed the region’s leading economic indicator into healthy range...
Mountain States Leading Economic Indicator Ends 2011 Strong
By Ernie Goss
(Ernie Goss will discuss his latest Mountain States Economic Report Wednesday at 7:30AM MST on The Morning Zone with Dave Chaffin)
Little 2012 Wage Growth
December survey results at a glance:
·         Leading economic indicator expands to …
More Good News on The Economy and Teen Jobs
For the 20th straight month, the overall index for the Mountain States region, a leading economic indicator for the three-state area of Colorado, Utah and Wyoming, advanced above growth neutral 50.0.  Supply managers report that despite continuing supply disruptions and elevated commodity price…