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Micah Halpern’s “I’ve Been Thinking”
Micah Halpern is a world traveled author, columnist and commentator and our Middle Eastern analyst on The Morning Zone. Here is a compilation of his weekly on-ling blogs and you can hear his radio commentary weekdays on The Morning Zone Program at 6:35 and 9:35AM MDT on AM650 KGAB and Listen Live at…
Monday on The Morning Zone: Micah Halpern and Key Liberty Votes
Look for a visit today at 7:37AM MDT from middle eastern analyst Micah Halpern to bring us up to speed on the latest developments with Egypt, Syria and Iran. Micah has been a long time friend of our program and you can hear his daily audio blog at 6:35 and 9:35AM MDT weekdays on the Morning Zone and…
Commentary: The Micah Report
(Micah Halpern is a long-time friend of The Morning Zone Program and is an expert on middle eastern affairs. Hear is daily commentary on AM 650 KGAB and www.kgab.com weekdays at 6:35 AM MDT and 9:35AM MDT<)
~~Clinton to Egypt~~
By Micah Halpern~~
Friday July 6, 2012
I've Been Thinking:
The US State De…
Commentary: Micah Halpern on ‘Coup in Egypt’
Micah Halpern, middle eastern analyst and commentator, is a long-time friend of The Morning Zone. Hear his audio blog live each weekday morning at 6:33 and 9:35 during The Morning Zone on AM650 KGAB or on our live stream at www.kgab.com.
Coup in Egypt
By Micah Halpern
Friday June 15, 2012
Yesterday Egyp…
Comentary: The Micah Report
Iran Finds Oil in Caspian
By Micah Halpern
Tuesday May 22, 2012
Iran just discovered a very large oil deposit in the Caspian Sea. It is the first new oil to be discovered in the Caspian in over 100 years. Estimates place the find at 10-15 billion barrels...
Micah Halpern’s Been Thinking. Read His Latest.
We Gave KSM a Stage
~~By Micah Halpern~~
Monday May 7, 2012
No one should be surprised that Khalid Sheik Mohamed and his cohorts are using their trial to advance their own agenda.
Of course that is what they are doing. The United States presented these ultimate thugs with a stage and with an open micr…
Catch Up on Micah Halpern’s Thoughts This Week
Micah Halpern is a well-respected Middle Eastern analyst, author and columnist who has been a part of our regular line up on KGAB's Morning Zone Program. Not only is he our frequent guest, but also his daily radio commentary can be heard at 6:33AM and 9:33 AM on AM650 KGAB and on our live stram…

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