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Micah Halpern’s Thought on the Middle East
(Micah Halpern is our middle eastern analyst on The Morning Zone, often sharing important news with our listeners BEFORE if hits mainstream media,and you can hear his on-air blog weekdays at 6:35 and 9:35 AM)
~~~Obama Quotes Yoni Netanyahu~~~
~~~By Micah Halpern~~~
~~~Thursday March 21, 2013~~~
I've Bee…
Wednesday’s Morning Zone
Host Dave Chaffin is back today and invites you ti Join us today in The Morning Zone to hear the latest information mixed in with a little entertainment.
7:07AM MDT: Our middle eastern analyst,Micah Halpern joins us. Micah will update us on the top news from Syria, where Syria's main opposition group…
Micah Halpern Is Always Thinking
(Micah Halpern is a long-time friend of The Morning Zone, and his radio blogs air weekday mornings at 6:35 and 9:35, plus, he makes frequent live appearences on the program with host,Dave Chaffin, to update you on what really is happening today in the middle east)
Christians Live in Fear
By Micah Halp…
What’s On Today’s Morning Zone?
Today's Morning Zone line-up
7:07AMMST- Roy Beck-Numbers USA ...In response to the Senate’s 'Gang of Eight' proposal that offers amnesty to 11 million undocumented immigrants, NumbersUSA has launched a petition to protest the addition of new workers to our economy when …
Micah Halpern Has Been Thinking on the Middle East
(The following is a collection of our middle eastern analyst's columns from this week. You can hear Micah's audio columns weekdays during The Morning Zone and throughout the weekend, too, on AM 650 KGAB and kgab.com)
~~Bibi & Wife Sara Vs The Coalition~~
~~By Micah Halpern~~
Friday January 25, 2013…
Thursday’s Morning Zone: Micah, Ollie, The Ted Shoebat
Be listening this morning as host Dave Chaffin talks about the latest happenings in the middle east:
7:07AM MST: Micah Halpern, our long-time middle eastern columnist joins us to update us on the the latest from the Syrian Civil War, the bounty placed on the heads of U...
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Micah Halpern’s Thoughts of The Week on The Middle East
Micah Halpern is an author, columnist and frequent visitor to the middle east. He has been a long time friend of KGAB's Morning Zone Program and is considered our middle eastern expert often giving our listeners and readers news and information from the area they might never receive from U...
Micah Halpern Has Been Thinking Again
Micah is our middle eastern analyst and often appears with us on the Morning Zone, plus listen to his morning  blogs at 6:35AM MDT
Debate - Unsportsmanlike Conduct
By Micah Halpern
Wednesday, October 17, 2012
The 2nd presidential debate was at time very tense, it even made me uncomfortable watching…
Micah Halpern’s Been Thinking Again About The Middle East
(Micah Halpern is an author and columnist who often spends his time in Isreal and the middle east and when he is not there, he is in constant touch with the movers and shakers there. Micah is a long-time friend of KGAB's Morning Zone Program and his audio columns can be heard on The Morning Zon…

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