How To Care For The Elderly
Be tactful and gentle.
As the person in your care ages, preparing her for the possibility of living in senior housing could help make them comfortable with the idea. But don't be too surprised if the retirement living brochures don't get more than a quick once-over, especially at …
Expert Retirement Home FAQs
Q: What is Primrose?
A: A retirement community consisting of assisted living apartments and premier independent senior apartments and town home villas.
Q: Do you have any apartments available at this time?
A: Please call 307-634-1530 for availability...
Meet The Retirement Home Expert: Jim Thares
"I am a self-driven individual who strives to improve upon my skill set each and every day. I gauge my level of success on the success I have assisted others around me to achieve.
I operate and lead on simple but efficient initiatives that can be summed in one word…accountability...