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Wooldridge & Marshall on Immigration: The Morning Zone
Today is Immigration Monday In the Morning Zone!
7:07AM MDT: Frosty Wooldridge, author/ columnist/world traveler will be on with host Dave Chaffin today to talk more about issues in the news on the long term and short term effects of illegal immigration and over-population
8:07AM MDT: The man that w…
Monday’s Morning Zone Schedule
7:07AM MDT: Aurthor/Columnist and world traveler, Frosty Wooldridge back with his continue series on the long term effects of unchecked immigration and over population .
8:07AM MDT: Our man down on the border, John Marshall is back with his monthly update on what's happening. Joh...
It’s Immigration Monday on The Morning Zone
A Hole In The Border Fence, Photo by John Marshall
Today, we will focus our program in the 8 and 9 O'clock hour on the latest issues surrounding illegal immigration in this 2012 Presidential Election Year. Frosty Wooldridge is back at to kick it off at 7:07AM MST with a discussion of his latest colum…