Joe Lieberman

Sean Has Romney, Lieberman and The Donald Today
5:05pm MDT: Gov. Mitt Romney- The GOP Presidential front-runner is here to respond to criticism from Newt and Santorum.

5:35pm MDT: Sen. Joseph Lieberman : Warns that the U.S. needs to react to Tehran NOW, not after the Iranians reaches nuclear capacity...
Hannity Has Mitt, Joe, and The Donald too!
5:05pm MST Senator Lieberman will discuss the Administration's foreign policy and the threat Iran poses to Israel and U.S. interests in the Middle East.

5:35pm MST Mass. Governor Mitt Romney will join Sean today as part of our ongoing "Meet the Candidate" Series...
Lieberman,King,Paul and Luntz on Hannity
Don't miss Sean's guests today:
5:05pm MST  Senator Lieberman (I- CT) and Congressman Peter King (R-NY) convened a joint hearing of their respective homeland security committees to examine the growing threat faced by military members and installations in the U...