Jim Kouri

U.S. imposes sanctions on Japan’s Yakuza crime syndicate
By Jim Kouri---
Tuesday, March 20, 2012---On Friday, President Obama identified the Japanese crime gang Yakuza as a significant Transnational Criminal Organization as defined in his Executive Order 13581 (Blocking Property of Transnational Criminal Organizations) of July 24, 2011...
Holder elevates al-Qaeda lawyer to top Justice Department post
Jim Kouri will guest on The Morning Zone with Dave Chaffin, Tuesday, March 6, 2012 at 7:07AM MST
~~~~~~~~By Jim Kouri~~~~~~
March 6, 2012--In a semi-stealth promotion, a major Barack Obama fundraiser who served as a defense lawyer for a convicted al-Qaeda terrorist is scheduled to become the third-hig…
Voter Fraud: Research study suggests major election problems
~~2/21/2012~~~By Jim Kouri, Law Enforcement Columnist ~~~(Guests today at 7:07AM MST on the  Morning Zone)
In a typical system, election officials get information about a voter’s identity, eligibility, address, and contact information through a form completed at a public agency, such as a county e…
Mexico, The City and The Arts Today on The Morning Zone
It's another great day on The Morning Zone 6-10AM MST right here on AM650 KGAB and www.kgab.com
7:07AM MST: Law Enforcement columnist Jim Kouri is back with Dave and will share comments on his latest column, on Mexico's Citizen Council for Public Safety and Justice recently released the 201…

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