Jim Kouri

Brennan defends Obama drone assassination program
~~ John Brennan confirmation hearings~~
   ~~ February 12, 2013~~
   ~~ By: Jim Kouri~~
President Barack Obama's national security advisor and nominee to serve as Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) director defended the Obama administration's secretive drone assassination p…
The Morning Zone Tuesday Lineup
7:07AM MST:  Jim Kouri.  Law Enforcement Columnist and Fifth Vice, President of The National Association of Chiefs of Police will discuss his latest column (posted in it's entirity now right here on www.kgab.com) ...President Barack Obama's national security advisor and nominee to serve as Central I…
GOP loss a result of listening to news media, say analysts
~~~By Jim Kouri~~
The story regarding the alleged connection between Obama's grandmother, Sarah Hussein Obama, and radical Islamists in Kenya received no coverage in the U.S. media.
The day after President Barack Obama won reelection as President of the United States and Commander in Chief, there were…
Jim Kouri Weighs in On Bengazi
(Columnist Jim Kouri will be our guest Tuesday at 7:96\7AM In The Morning Zone to talk about these columns.)
Benghazi another example of Obama's failed presidency, says gun law expert
October 29, 2012
By: Jim Kouri
While he's often lambasted for his probes of Obama and his minions, Rep…
Kenya: Islamic terrorists bomb, terrorize Obama ancestral home
~~October 15, 2012~~
~~By: Jim Kouri~~
(Jim is a long time friend of tThe Morning Zone, and will be on with Dave every other Tuesday to talk about the details of the news you read here in his law enforcement columns)
Police and security forces in President Barack Obama's ancestral home in Kenya said S…

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