GOP Roadmap Calls For Immigration Reform
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Republican National Committee is endorsing comprehensive immigration reform as part of a multi-step roadmap designed to improve the GOP's brand among minority voters who overwhelmingly backed Democrats last fall.
The committee releases a 100-page report Monday outlini…
It’s Immigration Day on the Morning Zone
Today, we will be talking about the latest out of Washington on President Obama's proposed immigration reform...A defensive White House Sunday insisted it was only drafting a backup immigration reform plan in case a bipartisan congressional committee working on a bill fails, but Paul Ryan, Marco Rub…
Monday’s Morning Zone has Frosty Wooldridge
Today, author, columnist and world traveler, Frosty Wooldridge is Dave Chaffin's guest to kick off the day on the Morning Zone. At 7:07AM MDT, Frosty will continue talking with Dave about his latest series, Part 8:  The Immigration factor—if we do nothing—accelerating consequen…
The immigration factor: inviting an additional 100 million into USA
Join Frosty on The Morning Zone with host Dave Chaffin, Monday's at 7:07AM MDT:~~
~~By Frosty Wooldridge~~
Part 1: The Immigration factor—inviting 100 million people into USA
Part 2: The immigration factor— the reasons for endless immigration, Silent Majority
Part 3: The Immigration factor—using social …

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