Immigration Bills Concern Farmers
The immigration debate is focused on border security and people in the country illegally, but the nation's farmers are hoping for legislation that makes it easier for them to hire workers.
Senators closing in on border security compromise
White House-backed immigration legislation is gaining momentum in the Senate, where key lawmakers say they are closing in on a bipartisan compromise to spend tens of billions of dollars stiffening the bill's border security requirements without delaying legalization for millions living in the c…
Huge negatives crop up with senate amnesty bill 744
~~By Frosty Wooldridge~~
Over the past ten years, I have tried my best to inform the American people concerning the negatives of endless legal immigration as well as the horrors of…
Monday’s Morning Zone
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7:07AM MDT: Today will be the final day for Frosty's regular weekly discussion until the Fall, as this world traveler takes off for his summer adventure. He will be talking about his latest column on the long term consequences of unchecked immigration and population…

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