Illegal Immigration

Republican National Committee Supporting Amnesty
(FROSTY WOOLDRIDGE IS OUR GUEST AT 7:07AM MDT and will be talking with host Dave Chaffin about these two new columns.)

~~~~~~~~By Frosty Wooldridge ~~~~~~
While neither the democrats nor the republicans will enforce immigration laws on the border or internally on job sites—they continue to press…
The immigration factor: importing cultural poverty
By Frosty Woldridge
(Catch Frosty on The Morning Zone detailing this column starting at 7:07AM MST today)
Part 11: The immigration factor—if we do nothing—importing cultural poverty~~~~~
At the current rate of legal and illegal immigration, the United States will add 100 million third world…
Monday’s Morning Zone Has Frosty and Marshall
It's Immigration Monday on the Morning Zone. We will kick it off at 7:07AM MDT with author, columnist and world traveler,Frosty Wooldridge. Frosty continues his series with us on the long-term consequences of unchecked immigration and population...

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