Hometown Heroes

Hometown Heroes: SFC Kevin Holzhausen, Army National Guard
SFC Kevin Holzhausen
Army National Guard
Kevin has served in the military for 25 years, including a tour in Iraq. He volunteers for Cheyenne Frontier Days, the American Legion Honor Guard, and the National Honor Guard (so he can help make sure that his fallen soldiers have proper military honors)
E3 Joseph Frausto, U.S. Army
"He volunteered to go on his first deployment right out of training.... He has the biggest heart for people he cares about. Hes doing such a brave thing with all hes been thru."
Technical Sergeant Kenneth Kindrick, U.S. Air Force
"Kenny has done 19 years in the Air Force and has recently returned from Afganistan. He has been deployed numerous times all around the world to include Iraq. Kenny has always served this country with integrity, honor and respect. Kenny is a great man and a true hero."