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Wooldridge & Marshall on Immigration: The Morning Zone
Today is Immigration Monday In the Morning Zone!
7:07AM MDT: Frosty Wooldridge, author/ columnist/world traveler will be on with host Dave Chaffin today to talk more about issues in the news on the long term and short term effects of illegal immigration and over-population
8:07AM MDT: The man that w…
American crime: black on black; black on white
By Frosty Wooldridge
Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson love to jump into political cesspools in order to gain national attention for their own benefit.  They utilize the “race card” as a red badge of courage.  They openly chastise white America for not stopping racially motivated violence
In reality, blac…
~~~~~~~~~By Frosty Wooldridge~~~~~
Part 2: violence, competing religions, political correctness
“Academic and aristocratic people live in such an uncommon atmosphere that common sense can rarely reach them,” said Samuel Butler.  For example: US Senator Harry Reid, Speaker Nancy Pe…
Monday’s Morning Zone Schedule
7:07AM MDT: Aurthor/Columnist and world traveler, Frosty Wooldridge back with his continue series on the long term effects of unchecked immigration and over population .
8:07AM MDT: Our man down on the border, John Marshall is back with his monthly update on what's happening. Joh...
Changing Our Country Into Several Countries
~~By Frosty Wooldridge ~~
March 12, 2012---Make no bones about it; America continues changing itself right before our eyes as we add another 125,000 third world immigrants every 30 days.  Our culture changes from its intelligent, rich and vibrant former self into a polyglot culture of illiteracy…

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