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Monday’s Morning Zone: Frosty on Immigration and
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7:07AM MDT: Former educator, world traveler, author and columnist, Frosty Wooldridge is back with more on the issues relative to the long term conseque…
The 100 million immigrant amnesty equation
~~~By Frosty Wooldridge~~
Our U.S. Congress leads this nation over a demographic cliff, an environmental inferno, into standard of living cave and a quality of life purgatory.  The approaching amnesty for 20 million illegal alien migrants working and residing in our country in violation of…
Monday Morning Zone: Frosty and Cindy Hill
7:07AM MDT: World Traveler, author, columnist and long time friend of the program Frosty Wooldridge is back.  Raucous debate on comprehensive immigration reform will likely get under way in the Senate this  week and we'll get Frosty's take on the proposed changes to immigration l…
Republican National Committee Supporting Amnesty
(FROSTY WOOLDRIDGE IS OUR GUEST AT 7:07AM MDT and will be talking with host Dave Chaffin about these two new columns.)

~~~~~~~~By Frosty Wooldridge ~~~~~~
While neither the democrats nor the republicans will enforce immigration laws on the border or internally on job sites—they continue to press…
Immigration, World Poverty and Gumballs – Updated 2010
~~~By Frosty Wooldridge~~~

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Immigration - Global humanitarian reasons for current U.S. immigration are tested in this updated version of immigration author and journalist Roy Beck's colorful presentation of data from the World…
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What’s really going on at …
Rivers of trash running throughout the United States
By Frosty Wooldridge
The Chesapeake Bay suffers horrific pollution from the Potomac River running right through the middle of Washington DC.  Once rich with fisheries, oyster beds and ample avian life—the bay struggles under poisonous pesticides, endless container trash, plastics, fertiliz…

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