Mead Appoints New Circuit Court Judge [AUDIO]
A Federal Appeals Court has sided with the EPA in an ongoing dispute with Texas and Wyoming over reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Amy Richards reports. Governor Matt Mead has appointed a new Circuit Court Judge in Sweetwater County. Click past jump to listen to Wyoming Radio News.
Enzi, Lummis Reintroduce Fairness Act [AUIDO]
Senator Mike Enzi and Congresswoman Cynthia Lummis have joined several other lawmakers to reintroduce the Small Business Fairness Act of 2013. Amy Richards reports. The Environmental Protection Agency is abandoning it's plan to confirm hydraulic fracturing is linked to groundwater pollution in …
Mead Asks EPA Not To Rush Haze Plan Comment [AUDIO]
Authorities say it could be up to eight weeks before autopsy results are available on a man who was found dead at a Casper shooting range last Sunday. Governor Matt Mead is asking the Environmental Protection Agency not to rush public comment on it's proposed Regional Haze Plan. Amy Richards re…

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