Donna Garner

Garner:“A Heartbeat Away from the Presidency”
by Donna Garner
Tonight is the big debate between Paul Ryan and Joe Biden.  Any Vice-President is just a heartbeat away from the Presidency.  As we watch this debate tonight, we need to consider:
“Which one has the expertise to create jobs and lead our country into …
“Private Schools, Please Be Wary of Vouchers”
(Donna Garner is a retired teacher with over thirty years experience in hte classroom and working in the public education sector. She is a friend of The Morning Zone on KGAB and now spends her time tracking the issues with education across the country and writing education based columns for various …
COMMENTARY: “Caring Parents, Where Are You?”
(Donna Garner is a retired teacher, columnist, education specialist  and frequent guest on KGAB's Morning Zone Program.)
by Donna Garner

I can almost guarantee you that the Big Bang History Project (by David Christian – Q&A posted below) is the model from which the Obama administration i…
Commentary:“All We Need Is Four More Votes”
~~~By Donna Garner~~~
The good news: All we need is four more votes in the U. S. Senate to repeal ObamaCare.  If Romney wins and the House goes Republican, all it would take is a simple majority in the Senate (51) to repeal ObamaCare – not the supermajority (60) needed to ov…
Commentary: “Research: Risks from Same-Sex Parenting”

~~~by Donna Garner~~~
For busy readers, let me summarize two pieces of research presented in The Washington Times yesterday.
First piece of research: Mr. Regnerus, a sociology professor in Social Science Research at the University of Texas , conducted “gold standard” research in which…
Fixing Healthcare
by Donna Garner
8.14.09 (Republished on 3.20.12)

My husband and I wrote this back on 8.14.09, but it still makes sense today. In fact, as ObamaCare looms even closer to being implemented, our suggestions deserve even more consideration...

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