Colorado Teen Marijuana Use Dips After Legalization
Fears that legalizing marijuana would raise teen usage may be unfounded. “According to Colorado’s biannual Healthy Kids Colorado Survey, the rate of marijuana consumption amongst Colorado’s teenagers has declined marginally since 2011 – further dispelling&…
Is Rolling Coal An Issue In Wyoming? [VIDEO]
dennis peace
“Dick” was at the traffic light on Sunday when the light turned green. I heard him put his foot into his jacked up black pickup truck with huge tires and a manly black roll cage between two exhaust stacks of shiny chrome...
You’re Worth $8,000 More In Wyoming Than Colorado
TestTube News via YouTube
There are a lot of attractive aspects to Colorado. I know because I lived there for many years. But I left there with my wife for life in Wyoming. We liked the people and other things here and now, we have another thing to like about Wyoming; No state income tax...

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