City of Cheyenne Unified Development Code

Kaysen says UDC Under Review
Cheyenne Mayor Rick Kaysen says the city's Unified Development Code, which took effect at the end of April, is under an on-going review process to determine where changes might be needed.
Kaysen Says UDC Reflects Public Input
Cheyenne Mayor Rick Kaysen says that while it is true the city's new Unified Development Code does increase costs for some local businesses, many of the changes from the old city code reflect what members of the public told the city they would like to see in terms of development in Cheyenne.
Ash Cites Little Council Support for UDC Repeal
Cheyenne City Councilwoman Amber Ash says even though she's heard a fair amount of criticism of the city's new Unified Development Code from businesses and developers who say it increases their costs, other council members apparently haven't--and as a result, there is little support o…
Charlie Daniels Weighs In on Agenda 21(Audio)
There has been a great deal of interest and concern over the last few months about "Agenda 21", the U.N. agenda to internationalize even our local governments. This has come even closer to home since the Cheyenne City Council passed the new Unified Development Code, which, at least…