Albany County Sheriff's Office

Lost Cheyenne Family Identified
Authorities have identified a Cheyenne woman found dead in the Medicine Bow Mountains following a family snowmobiling trip that left her son with frostbite and her husband separated from the group.
Missing Cheyenne Family Found; One Dead
A Cheyenne woman was found dead of exposure Tuesday morning after spending three nights in a snow cave in the Snowy Mountain Range.
Her 18-year-old son was found alive Tuesday morning.  He was transported to a Colorado area hospital for further care...
Escaped Sex Offender Captured
A sex offender who escaped from a Cheyenne halfway house last month has been captured near Laramie.
Deputy U.S. Marshal Justin Stephenson says 32-year-old Zachary Firestone was arrested without incident Monday night by the Albany County Sheriff's Office, after information was developed in Cheyen…