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Dr. Taylor Haynes Visits The Frentheway Forum! [Audio]

John Frentheway had the honor of chatting with his guest Dr. Taylor Haynes on The Frentheway Forum. Dr. Taylor Haynes talked with John about how to take our country back and some of the issues that we are facing here in Wyoming and what you can do to fix it. Sit back and listen to two great America…
Democrats’ Obsessive Efforts To Fracture Tea Party
....those “Republicans” who cherish their professional standing among their peers in the Washington establishment more than their commitment to conservative principle will face primary challengers who have their priorities straight. Last fall’s electoral tidal wave was only the …
This Saturday On Across America!
Join your radio host Gary Freeman this Saturday on "Across America"  from 1 - 3pm on AM 650 KGAB as he talks with Drs. Richard and Jane Horwitz about "No Blush" - Teen Sex Talks. Parental engagement encouraged.
Fiscal Armageddon Looms While Democrats Play Games
By: Christopher G. Adamo
By their own words, Washington Democrats are daily proving that they are not serious about dealing with the nation’s budgetary crisis. Therefore it must be concluded that they never have been. Rather, they remain doggedly in the mode of seeking to exploit the present…

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