2012 Presidential election

Garner:“A Heartbeat Away from the Presidency”
by Donna Garner
Tonight is the big debate between Paul Ryan and Joe Biden.  Any Vice-President is just a heartbeat away from the Presidency.  As we watch this debate tonight, we need to consider:
“Which one has the expertise to create jobs and lead our country into …
Commentary: An Ominous Setup For The 2012 Elections
The grim truth is that if Cain does indeed rise to the top and receive his party’s nomination, he will be the ultimate target of authentic and unrelenting racism and hate, which is the fate of any, regardless of ethnicity, who dare to thwart the liberal agenda. An objective look at events tra…
Commentary: The Rick Perry/Mitt Romney Political “Horserace”
Unfortunately for the Republican contenders and America in general, the net result of the debate was to make Perry’s detractors look small. Their willingness to resort to the standard liberal media tactics and double standards shows an ominous alignment with current-day “ruling classs&#…