Blitz the Drug Dog (Courtesy Sweetwater County Sheriff's Department)[/caption]A drug detection dog with the Sweetwater County Sheriff's Department wil undergo stem cell therapy as a treatment for arthritis, according to a spokesman for the department. Blitz is a 10 year old yellow lab who has served as a drug detection dog. Spokesman Dick Blust says Blitz has been with the department since 2008 and has been involved with a number of important drug seizures over the years. Blust says Blitz previously suffered a torn cruciate ligament in his  rear leg and now has developed arthritis which causes stiffness after a busy day. Blust says the surgery will be performed on Wednesday at the Desert View Animal Hospital in Rock Springs. Blust says the surgery should ease the stiffness and pain within a couple of months, keeping Blitz on the job at the department and saving the agency the expanse of acquring another trained drug detection dog