The Sweetwater County Sheriff's Department is investigating a car explosion that was discovered on August 2. Spokesman Dick Blust says  the green four door 1997 Ford Taurus is believed to have been blown up with binary explosives used in exploding firearms targets. Investigators have not found any evidence that anyone was injured in the explosion.

Blust says the department was called around 8pm Friday night on a report of a fire about 3 miles east of Rock Springs. Blust says the blaze, which turned out to be a car on fire, was put by firefighters. Because of the extent and type of damage the vehicle suffered, the Sweetwater County Bomb Squad was called in and identified the type of explosive used.

Blust says the car's VIN number was recovered and authorities are now tracing the vehicle's ownership history. Blust says anyone with information on the case is being asked to contact the department. He says any calls on the case will be handled with discretion.