Today at 7:07AM MDT on our Kids-At -Risk series on The Morning Zone, Dave Chaffin and John Frentheway discuss a new study that shows middle-school kids who hear swear words on TV or in video games may act more aggressively toward their peers, physically or otherwise, a small study suggests.The findings, published in the journal Pediatrics, add to the controversial question of whether media violence and aggression -- and now, aggressive words -- actually affect kids' behavior.

Marvin Nash of Bullying Hurts and The Nash Foundation joins Dave at 8:07AM  to reveal his findings that exploitation of Nevada students under the pretense of bullying and school safety continues. Marvin says, "To understand the above statement, you must follow the information and be aware that the present-day child predator attempting to exploit our kids does not offer them candy or ask for help to find their puppy, these new intruders are extremely strategic and technologically savvy in the ways of electronically contacting our youth. Please use your position, expertise, authority and knowledge to stop these activities as quickly as possible.  I will try to “connect the dots” for you in less than four minutes reading time.  We understand and can appreciate that you are extremely busy and may be uninformed of the issues and agendas we are about to point out."

Then at 9:07AM, Dr. John Lucas, CEO of Cheyenne Regional Medical Center will be back along with Dr. Brent Sherard. The Wyoming Integrated Care Network (WY ICN) has announced that Dr. Sherard  has been hired as its Medical Director of Clinical Integration. WY ICN is a newly formed organization of hospitals and healthcare affiliates focused on providing high quality, integrated

and patient-centered care. Dr. Sherard will lead the integrated network’s efforts to help physicians and hospitals throughout Wyoming address the clinical and quality challenges associated with a transforming healthcare delivery system.