(Karen is often aguest on the Morning Zone Program as a well qualified expert on Agenda 21)

~~By Karen Schoen, and all of the AgEnders~~

“What type of Government do we have,? A Republic if we can keep it.”

A republic means Americans elect representatives. Representatives will only represent you if you tell them what to do. Representatives are employees of We The People. Never forget that.

Just because we had an election does not mean we have to accept tyranny. Just because we lost an election does not mean that we have to lie down, roll over and play dead. Our actions are crucial. What we do next will determine the future of Florida. We may have lost a battle but the war is far from over.

We are asking you all to come together under one message, learn the truth, get educated, have conversations and act.

Florida has no money to spare, yet under the phony green programs, Florida Forever, The Nature Conservancy, Water Managements Districts, Climate Coalitions, Bike Councils, your private property will be rezoned, redefined, put into conservation easements or any other program making you immaterial. Your docket stamp fee, real estate transfer tax, impact fees, permits or ad valoreum taxes will go up to feed these organizations and programs until you no longer can hold onto your property. Bike paths will replace roads and you will be forced into urban green zones where your consumption patterns (water, electricity, food) will be altered to meet the needs of your new masters called unelected bureaucrats and regional councils. “Consumptions patterns of the affluent middle class are not sustainable.” “Capitalism is bad for the environment. Is it not our duty to destroy it?” All statements made by Maurice Strong, former president of UN Environmental Programme original designer of this deceptive program called UN Agenda 21.

Agenda 21 is the plan to destroy Florida by lying and using environmental programs to scare you into submission.

It is the desired goal to get 70% of Florida land off of income producing private productive roles, into their controlling hands. It is time to say enough.

Your help is needed. What can you do???

God Bless You and God Bless the United States of America.