Wyoming House (Amy Richards/TSM)

A bill that makes major changes to the duties of the Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction has passed the legislature.The House passed the bill amended on a 39-20 vote and the Senate concurred with the changes made by the House.The bill would immediately replace the elected superintendent as head of the state education department with a director appointed by the governor. Rep. Allen Jaggi (HD-19), who tried to delay implementation of the bill until January 1st 2015, says he's disappointed with the bill.

I think it was kind of pushed through....

Rep Dan Zwonitzer (HD-43) successfully amended the bill to protect the employees at the Department of Education.

 just allowed no major staff turnovers...

The bill now heads to Governor Matt Mead for his signature.

A bill that would have required the Department of Transportation and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department to go the the same appropriations process as most other state agencies has been amended. Rep Sue Wallis (HD-52) explains the changes.

 They do have lots of opportunity, they go out and have lots of meetings.....

John Cox, head of WYDOT, says they are okay with the review process.

 the upshot of the bill as it stands today will be a review process....

A bill that makes human trafficking a crime in Wyoming has passed the house.Jennifer Zenor, with the Wyoming Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault says Wyoming is the only state that doesn't have a human trafficking law.

 We recently conducted a survey with our member programs...they said they are serving victims of trafficking...

That bill now heads to the Senate.

A Senate committee is considering a bill that would require voters to show a valid photo id card to cast their ballot.The committee heard testimony on the measure Thursday and will and will discuss it again on Tuesday.The sponsor of the bill says it's not an attempt to stop anyone from voting but would ensure voters are who they claim to be and that they are in the correct precinct.The League of Women Voters opposes the bill, saying there's little evidence of voter fraud in Wyoming.

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