Wyoming Game and Fish spokesman Al Langston says even though the fall hunting seasons are still several months away, now is a good time to take a hunter safety course. 

Wyoming law requires anyone born after 1965 to have hunter education before going hunting.  Information on locations and dates of new courses is listed on the Game and Fish website.  The online course schedule is updated continually as instructors make arrangements for upcoming courses. Langston says often prospective hunters wait until a few weeks before they plan to go hunting to try and take the course. Sometimes they are all filled up or there just isn't enough time to complete the course.

Hunters who have not completed hunter safety do have the option to go hunting under the hunter mentor program, which has been available to Wyoming hunters since 2008. Under the program, hunters who have not had hunter education are allowed to go hunting provided they are with a mentor at least 18 years of age that has completed an approved hunter safety course. The mentor must possess a valid hunter education card showing completion of the course while in the field with the hunter being mentored.