Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce President and C-E-O Dale Steenburgen says surveys of chamber members as well as informal conversations he's had with local business owners shows strong support for a couple of the items on the Laramie County sixth-penny sales tax ballot, while other proposals are drawing both positive and negative responses.

Steenburgen says the proposed $ 25 Million for a new public safety building to house the Cheyenne Police Department as well as the Cheyenne Fire and Rescue Administration and several other organizations seems to draw strong support from local business people. He says infrastructure projects, such as upgrades to the Pine Bluffs water system,  also seem to draw more support than opposition.

But he says he's hearing both positive and negative comments on proposals such as a new recreation center in Cheyenne,  the Archer Complex, and the proposed expansion and renovation of the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens. Laramie County voters will decide the fate of the sixth-penny proposals on August 21, which is primary election day in Wyoming.