The President and CEO of the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce says Cheyenne Frontier Days is a ''second Christmas season" for many Laramie County businesses.

Dale Steenbergen says this year is perhaps even more important than usual because of the ripple effect the state's depressed energy industry is having on many businesses.

Tourism, on the other hand, is benefitting from low gas prices and seems to be doing better than usual so far.

Steenbergen says that while businesses such as hotels and restaurants obviously benefit from CFD, virtually the entire community sees some economic impact.

In fact he says some Cheyenne-area businesses make over 50 percent of their profit during CFD. While others don't see that kind of impact, virtually every business in the city sees some kind of benefit.

Steenbergen says a second, and less obvious benefit to the community from Cheyenne Frontier Days is the chance to showcase the area to businesses that may be interested in moving here.

He says the event lets business owners and decision makers see first-hand the civic minded, helpful nature of Cheyenne residents, hopefully leaving them with a positive feeling about the community.

He says that is one reason why it's important for local residents to present a friendly positive attitude towards CFD visitors, calling it a "wonderful opportunity" for impressing people who may know little or nothing about Cheyenne.