The Wyoming Department of Education released the following statement in the latest chapter of their fracas with the Casper Star Tribune:

The Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) refutes an article appearing in the February 4, 2012 Casper Star Tribune (CST) alleging the department was being investigated by multiple state agencies. “The article is simply not true!” said Wyoming’s Superintendent of Public Instruction Cindy Hill. She went on to state, “I have trouble understanding how such a damaging reporting error could have been allowed to happen.”

Last week the CST, along with multiple state agencies, received an unsolicited email from Peg Brown-Clark, an ex-employee of the WDE. The email contained confidential personnel information about a current employee. The CST then contacted Brown-Clark, the Office of Administration and Information (A & I), and the Office of Attorney General (AG) to attempt to elicit confirmation of Clark’s allegations.

“Wyoming’s Office of the Attorney General has said what I am saying, there is no investigation of the Department of Education,” Hill said. “On Monday, I met face-to-face with a representative of the AG’s Office and the Director of A & I and asked them if an investigation of the department was taking place--each told me no investigation was underway.” She went on to state, “There is no upside to people acting recklessly-I think people have been hurt by inaccurate reporting. My hope is appropriate actions will be taken to acknowledge mistakes and offer assurances that future actions will include processes designed to preclude such harmful errors.”