Today's Morning Zone will feature a number of great guests, so be sure to join us between 6AM and 10AM. Dave's guests include:

7:07AM MST: Gary Kreep, political pundit will discuss OBAMA OFF THE 2012 BALLOT IN GA? Court Will Hear a Formal Case Challenging His Eligibility...
With a legal team not sold thus far on Barack Obama’s attempts to quiet
the birther question and a state that is a real stickler for upholding its
laws in regard to whom it will officially nominate for the President,
Barack Obama may find himself in an unusual position come March.
From where Gary Kreep, president of the United States Justice Foundation
(USJF), stands, it’s about time.This January 26th, a state court in Georgia will conduct an impartial
hearing on a case filed against Obama’s natural-born-citizen eligibility
for President according to Georgia state law. …This after the judge
rejected a motion for dismissal put forth by attorneys for the White
House.As a result, the incumbent President running for reelection might not
appear on the ballot in the Georgia primary.

7:37AM MST:  Author/Columnist Dan Gainor returns to The Morning Zone to talk about the upcoming State of The Union Address and the Number One Priority? Obama's Actually Had 12 of Those Since Taking Office Networks repeatedly report on president's claim, but never call him on conflicting rhetoric.

8:07AM MST: Cheyenne Police Chief Brian Kozak returns in his regularly scheduled shot on the program. He will be updating us on various issues facing law enforcement in our city including the 6th Peny Sales Tax needs for the new Justice Center and new communication system. We'll also get his take on the current community mood on the issues of School Bullying.

9:37AM MST: Jeff Tish will be here to talk about the upcoming Stars of Tomorrow