Most Forest roads on the Jackson and Buffalo Districts of the Bridger-Teton National Forest will not open to motor vehicle use on May 1st due to lingering snow and soft road surfaces which are easily damaged by motor vehicles.

Spokeswoman Angelica Cacho says the  only exception is the Gros Ventre road which will open at approximately 6:00 am from the gate at Atherton to Slate Creek. The upper portion of the Gros Ventre road above Slate Creek opens on June 1st. Four-wheel drive vehicles are recommended for anyone planning to drive the Gros Ventre road on May 1st. Visitors can expect to encounter muddy and rutted sections as well as water flowing over the road. Forest personnel surveyed conditions over the weekend and found most roads impassable due to snow,especially in shaded areas and on north-facing slopes.

Closed roads include all Forest roads on the Buffalo District, Shadow Mountain, Ditch Creek, Curtis Canyon, Flat Creek beyond the Forest kiosk, Fall Creek, Mosquito Creek, North Fork Fall Creek, and Granite Creek. 

An emergency special order was signed by the Forest Supervisor on Monday. This order prohibits motor vehicle travel on any road or trail posted as closed. The purpose of the order is to protect road and trail surfaces from damage and also protect public safety.