A skimmer was found at the Exxon truck stop near Home Depot and I-25 on Tuesday, December 17, 2013. This is an older type of skimmer that does not use Bluetooth, requiring the subject to return and retrieve it. Reports on this type of fraud have been received in the Cheyenne area since last September,  according to a news release from the Wyoming Criminal Intelligence Center in Cheyenne.

Consumers should continually monitor their accounts and statements, and to report any noted criminal activity. Recent reports show that:

· All financial institutions are at risk

· Victims’ Credit/Debit card information is compromised

· Fraudulent ATM withdrawals are usually under $500 and there may be more than one

For gas stations owners, it is highly recommended for the staff to remain vigilant of any suspicious activity and to diligently inspect the pumps to promptly identify and report any skimmers to prevent further criminal acts against customers. If you have any information or want to report a crime please contact your local law enforcement department or the FBI at 307.632.6224, option 1.