• August 6, 2012
  • By: Jim Kouri
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Police officer maintains security following shoot rampage.
Oak Creek PD
Police officer maintains security following shoot rampage.

A lone male suspect shot and killed six people and critically wounded another three during Sunday services at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Responding police officers were successful in shooting and killing the gunman, according to a police official.

According to police, the attack is being treated as a domestic terrorism incident, although no one could answer why this shooting is labeled "terrorist" but not the Aurora, Colorado, movie theater massacre in which 12 died and dozens were wounded.

The suspect is identified as 40-year-old Wade Michael Page, who is said to be a white supremacist with a military background.

According to a police department public information officer (PIO), Page entered the kitchen at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in a suburb of Milwaukee Sunday morning as women were preparing a Sunday meal for after temple services. The gunman, described as a while male, immediately opened fire indiscriminately killing and wounding occupants.

Because of their appearance, Sikhs are often mistaken for Muslims, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation is overseeing the probe into shootings. The Sikh faith originated in India in the 1400s and male followers wear turbans and women wear head scarves.

During the British Raj in India, many Sikhs were recruited as soldiers and they were known to be excellent horsemen for the British cavalry.

According to the PIO, four people were shot to death inside the temple and three, including the gunman, were shot and killed outside. "We're treating this as a domestic terrorist incident," said the PIO.

Page ambushed and shot a police officer several times when that officer responded to a 911 call and was assisting one of the shooting victims. A second officer shot the gunman dead. The wounded a veteran cop, was taken to a nearby hospital and is expected to survive, the PIO said.

In a press statement released by President Barack Obama's White House staff, he said he was "deeply saddened" by the deadly shooting rampage that occurred Sunday at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin.

He promised all concerned that his administration will "provide whatever support was needed to respond to the incident and investigate it."

"Our hearts go out to the families and friends of those who were killed and wounded," Obama said in the statement. "As we mourn this loss which took place at a house of worship, we are reminded how much our country has been enriched by Sikhs, who are a part of our broader American family."

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