(Doug Randall/TSM)

The Laramie County Sheriff’s Department now provides residents in the County a computer based system to report an incident or past crime on-line. Spokesman Gerry Luce says the system dubbed “Coplogic” will allow individuals to provide information and file reports, and, print the report on-line. All reports that are filed on-line are reviewed and if determined that additional follow up is needed you will be contacted by an investigator.

Luce says the types of incidents that can be reported through the system include fraudulent use of credit/debit cards, lost/found property, vandalism ($1,000 or less - to include vehicles under $1,000), extra patrol requests, traffic complaints, verbal threats, harrassing phone calls, identity theft, and littering/trash dumping. He says any reports of crimes where there are no known suspects, or evidence, can also be reported through the system.

Luce says residents will always have the option to contact the Sheriff’s Department and have a Deputy respond to any incident that may be reported on-line. The online website is lcsd.net, and then click on the badge icon with “Coplogic” on the left hand task bar.

Luce says you should still call 911 about any crime in progress; crimes against persons or property where there is a weapon/suspect/evidence; stolen vehicles; property or vehicle damage over $1,000; or any incident where someone is injured.