Laramie County Sheriff Danny Glick says his agency is starting to see more people abusing methamphetamine again.

Glick says for a time his agency was seeing fewer meth cases, particularly after state officials cracked down on people's ability to obtain some of the chemicals used to make meth and law enforcement made headway against the mobile labs manufacturing the drug.Glick also says a graphic ad campaign that portrayed the effects of meth use probably deterred some people from trying the drug.

But Glick says recently deputies have been starting to encounter more usage of the powerful stimulant again. He also says meth use tends to have a ripple effect, often forcing grandparents to care for their grandchildren because the parents are in jail on meth-related charges or for other crimes.

On Monday 18 people were arrested on meth trafficking charges, with seven of those arrests coming in the Cheyenne area.